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Designing a modern brand

Let’s design a modern brand that resonates with your target market.

Your brand is the soul of your company. It’s SO much more than a logo and a font.
Successful companies have strong brands that align with their target audience. We can build you a brand that resonates with your audience in a meaningful way.

Tristan Bailey

“Foundation Digital exceeded my expectations. The branding they created was right on-point.”

– Tristan Bailey – ScanOne

1. Brand Strategy

First, we deep-dive deep into research, market and a competitive analysis. This provides us with an overview of your industry and where potential opportunities lay.

We then define your WHY, mission, values, unique value proposition, target personas and much more.

Brand creation

2. Brand Identity

Time to bring your brand to life!

Building on the strategy, we can design your brand aesthetics (the look and feel of your brand), creating a unique identity that will align with your target market.

Logo and brand design
Brand identity design

3. Brand Guidelines
& Assets

You’ll receive your branding guidelines document that outlines everything anyone would need to know about your brand. Designed in a way to help staff and contractors quickly understand your brand. This includes how to use brand elements, what not to do, what your brand stands for, who the target market is, how your brand looks & feels, how it sounds and more.

You’ll also get a number of essential assets like various logo files and fonts. Everything anyone working with your brand will need to maintain consistency.

Branding Document

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Launching a new product

We can help you launch that new product to market, successfully.

Taking a new product to market is a mix of art and science. Assets and content for each stage of the sales funnel need to be set up correctly. It can get complicated; but don’t worry, it’s what we do. 


“Foundation has been a dream to work with. Their experience, coupled with his design flair and deep understanding of marketing is exactly what we needed to launch our new brand.”

– Raj Bhikha – The Kiwi Goodness Company

1. Research

To launch a product successfully, we first must understand the competition as well as the consumer behaviours, wants and needs.

Our findings go into a master doc for us to go over and decide on direction.

Research 1
Research 2

2. Product Design

Now that we know where the opportunities are, we can design some modern packaging that suits your brand, market, and product.

Design is part of the overall go-to-market strategy. It’s important to get it right. To design something that excited and delights your market. 

Product Design

3. Go-to-market Strategy

Successfully launching a new brand and/or product to market is no small task.

We can design you a comprehensive launch strategy with campaign details, asset creation, ad spend and much more.

We can even assist with the execution.

Brand creation

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Building a modern website

We can build you a modern website that helps your customers through the sales journey.

Your website not only represents your brand but also how you as a company operate. If your website doesn’t align with the design esthetics of your target audience, they will simply click away. Let’s build you an engaging website that best represents your company. 

Dr Libby Lindsay

“I love our website. Foundation did a fantastic job.”

– Libby Lindsay – Ingeneous

1. Discovery Workshop

Your customer is at the center of how we design. To do this we start with a Discovery Workshop. Diving deep into everything about your business. Your target audience, the current market and competition, your business goals, your hopes and dreams. 

We then take all that information and start to formulate a design strategy that will best suit your customers and your sales funnel. 

consumer research

2. Initial Design

The first iteration of your website will be more than a concept. It’s version one. A foundation to mould from.

We shape your website into a high-functioning modern website that will truly work for your business. 


product design

3. Website Development 

Copy written, products shot, videos produced, we can help produce all the assets needed to make your website truly stand out. 

We work with the most up-to-date website frameworks and technology to craft beautiful work that your clients will love. 

We believe in designing for the customer journey. Delivery the right information at the right time. Coaxing the customer through your sales funnel. 

Website design
Website design

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Marketing to drive quality leads

Together, we can build brand awareness and drive quality leads and online sales.

So you have a website, now what?! Driving quality leads to your website is key to online sales. We can create a marketing strategy that will best work for your product and audience. 

Nick Delmont

“Foundation made complex digital marketing easy for me to understand. Our campaigns are working. I’d highly recommend them.”

– Nick Delmont – Delmont Valuations 

1. Campaign Strategy

Smart digital campaigns can target your most likely buyers, saving you money and effort. 

Drive more sales, quality leads, brand awareness, or dominate an industry. 

We can build you a marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals. 

Sales Funnel

2. Asset Creation

Your strategy will mean nothing without great creative to back it up. 

We can produce all your photos, videos, copy, and even create a custom campaign-specific landing page to better convert customers.

Content Creation

3. Execution

Advertising platforms are confusion if you’re inexperienced. We can help set up, run, and manage your ads across any of the major ad platforms.

From social ads to digital billboards and street posters; we can do it all.


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