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Born from lockdown

Born from lockdown, we are a consortium of design-loving humans devoted to creating beautiful digital assets.

With over 20 years of design & marketing experience, founder & creative director Carl Thompson leads our team of skilled design professionals in creating digital assets that make our clients thrive online.

Requests for creative work came flooding in during Covid-19 lockdown, which proved to be the driving force behind the creation of Foundation Digital.

We are a small team of professionals that believe in the power of good design.

  • Good design isn’t just what you see.
  • Good design takes the user through a journey.
  • Good design is an experience that makes the user want more.
  • Good design is joy.


Simply the best

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Gideon Retief

Gideon Retief

Managing Director

Gideon has accumulated over 15 years of experience in driving business success by delivering world-class digital solutions. His operational skills, client service, and project management experience, accompanied by his passion for innovation, provides him with a platform to help organisations perform in fast-moving innovative environments.

Gideon is passionate about branding, UX, and helping businesses build a comprehensive foundation to get organisations positioned for growth. He holds a comprehensive understanding of current and emerging tech with experience working in high-performance teams, and leading production teams.

Carl Thompson

Carl Thompson

Creative Director

Carl is a creative director, digital marketer, and brand and marketing strategist with 20 years of experience.

He started his journey at Media Design School at the age of 17 and has since founded companies; Foundation Digital (Agency), TradeGecko (B2B SaaS, sold to Intuit), Contento (B2B SaaS), Crowded Elevator (Apparel), Momentum Marketing (Agency), Bronami (B2C SaaS), NZ Coffee Festival (Event).

Carl has worked with companies both locally and internationally, including; The Attention Agency, RAW, Remix Magazine, Fitwear, NZ Fashion Week, Laminata, SkyCity, Golden Gate Ventures and many, many more.

Carl’s passion for good design and innovative marketing is the driving force behind Foundation Digital and combined with his extensive industry experience he has built a company that delivers stand out returns for any client.

Frankie Kingston

Frankie Kingston

Web Designer

Frankie is a Web and Graphic Designer who graduated from the Youbee School of Design in 2019, where she studied Web and Graphic Design alongside Digital Design.

In her role as Digital and Web Designer for Zure Edge, she has already worked with reputable local brands such as MONDAY Haircare, Dose and Co., Nood Pet Food, and many other ZURU Edge FMCG brands.

Frankie’s passions align with our own, with an eye for good design, creative and innovative branding solutions as well as a strong illustration skill set. Her hunger to learn, grow and adapt to the ever changing market brings an edge to an already impressive eye for design.


Liv Rogers

Olivia Rogers

New Business


Olivia is a Business Development specialist, General Manager and Sales Strategist with over 14 years of local, and international industry experience.

For the past 5 years, she has been running the market-leading TourismHQ, working with industry leaders to deliver unforgettable travel experiences alongside founding and operating her own events agency. Recently, Olivia showed her flexibility in the industry by pivoting to the role of Business Development Manager for The Attention Agency where she continues to work hand in hand with her Sales role at Foundation Digital.

Over her established career, Olivia has applied her passion for the industry in all areas of work to help grow new businesses’, ensure client goals are met and has a rare talent for finding huge rewards in small opportunities.

Olivia brings with her an impressive professional network along with a keen eye to snipe and sell.

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